If you are covered by workers compensation, your eligibility starts on your first day on the job. Once you have informed your employer of injury, you will file a claim for benefits. If injured on the job, you are entitled to medical benefits (your medical care must be approved and paid for in a timely fashion) and wage benefits (if the doctor takes you off work for more than one week). Your workers’ compensation benefits are to be paid on the same schedule at which you received your regular wage. They are 2/3 of your regular pay, but come to you completely tax-free.

After you file a benefits claim, expect to be contacted by your company’s workers compensation insurance company. Their representative will probably ask you questions and give you paperwork that must be completed and returned. Additionally, you will be required to sign a fraud statement.

IF YOUR CLAIM IS DENIED you may file a written dispute with the Office of Workers Compensation, which will arrange an optional mediation conference to try to settle the dispute. If however, if you don’t feel you are getting a fair shake for your claim and don’t agree with the denial, contact the law offices of Lynn Estes, Jr. Here are links to the State of Louisiana Workers’ Compensation website; HOWEVER, we highly recommend that you consult with Lynn Estes, Jr. BEFORE completing any forms and filing a claim.